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Over the years, Relais Expert-Conseil has stood out from other traditional EAP providers by its ability to successfully take-on complex mandates using a joint approach, where all the members of the company contribute to the wellbeing of the employees.
Some success stories in peer-helper training:

  • Working together with the Network of Social Delegates of the FTQ, we have executed a number of training, coaching and collaborative mandates.
  • We trained all the members of the Network of Canadian Social Delegates of Air Canada.
  • We conducted several training sessions for the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW), which lead to new training programs for their Union members.
  • We provided peer-helpers training as part of a new EAP program for Air Canada and IAMAW (Canada-wide training from Halifax to Vancouver).
  • We provided training on the detection of mental health problems in the workplace (peer-helpers – Bombardier Aerospace).
  • We offered training on psychosocial risks to the American Central Union of the IAMAW in Washington and Placid Harbour.
  • We provided training on psychosocial risks in the workplace at the Georges Meany University – Washington (Unionized Peer-Helper Program).
  • We offered training on relapse prevention for the Canadian Network of Regional Coordinators of Air Canada.
  • We delivered training for the TCA-Bombardier (EAPF) and the Fonds de solidarité FTQ (EAPF) joint committees.

The President and CEO of Relais Expert-Conseil, Luc Chabot, was trained at the Université d’Annecy and in Cape Town, South Africa, by the International Labour Office (ILO), a United Nations agency, in order to become the director of SOLVE (a project for mini psychosocial training sessions given in the workplace).

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